Scratching Records: Pre-Launch Overview Video


An authentic and engaging pre-launch video introducing Scratching Records. A new online wellness community.

The video will highlight the mission of the business, who is involved and aims to generate a number of leads to re-target come the beginning of the new year in 2022!


I made sure to have Nikki, founder, be on-screen throughout to help familiarise those watching.

I wanted to showcase a user interact with a diverse range of resources throughout the video aimed to diminish potential customer doubts about the value of the service once it is released.

With launching a new business, I advised to the client that we should really hone in on a particular profile of customer when starting out. This helps those watching identify themselves as a potential user for the platform, as well as enhancing potential results in targeted advertising undertaken on Facebook & Instagram.

I also experimented using no script written prior to filming to ensure I got the most authentic responses. This proved challenging when forming a narrative but was worth it when it came to the final product.



“Kenny did an incredible job of my promotional video, I couldn’t be more happy. He was super organised and so easy to deal with, and made me feel very comfortable on the shooting days. He understood my product and what I wanted to achieve which was evident in the delivery of my video. I really enjoyed working with Kenny and would have no hesitations in recommending his services. Thanks again Kenny.”

Nikki Mullen, Scratching Records Founder

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