Kip McGrath Sunshine Coast: Social Media Content Creation


Create a series of engaging and informative videos for Kip McGrath Sunshine Coast’s social media followers.

Highlighting the value and services they provide at their centres across the coast to nurture potential leads that follow them and are on the fence about sending their children to tuition.


In the series of videos, I wanted to humanise the people who are behind the business at Kip McGrath centres on the Sunshine Coast.

I made sure to have Andrew, centre director, be on-screen throughout to help familiarise those watching.

Showing Andrew and the tutor interact with a diverse range of children aimed to diminish parent’s doubts about the centre’s capability to relate to their child’s learning.

I wanted to portray the students in an engaged state during the reenacted in-centre and online session shooting. Strengthening the value of tuition for the audience watching.

Having select children win academic awards while the other children congratulated them highlighted the community aspect of Kip McGrath tuition, a value differing from regular schooling. Appealing to parents and the children they’re having to persuade.

I also experimented using no script written prior to filming to ensure I got the most authentic responses. This proved challenging when forming a narrative but was worth it when it came to the final product.



“Kenny was such a professional from start to finish. He took the time to understand our vision and carefully planned out his action plan, we had full faith in him from the very beginning. He took onboard our ideas and also suggested many of his own to ensure he could produce the best result. I 100% recommend Kenny and will be contacting him again in the future for my next project!”

Brit Worthington, Social Media Manager

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