Australian Dental Graduates: Social Media Advertising & Video Testimonials


Create an inspiring and engaging testimonial video for the Australian Dental Graduates “Graduate Of The Year Award” and “Dental Student Education” programs.

Highlighting the value gained from various select graduates and students who took part in this year’s program.

Plus complimentary cinematic promotional videos for each service to be distributed via social media ads.


In the videos I wanted to highlight the value differentiators of the program and evoke emotions of quality, enjoyment, innovation and prestige. Encouraging current dental students and recent graduates to apply.

On each filming day I aimed to capture tight and intimate footage of the theory and practical components of the programs to make the viewer feel as if they are there at the event. Becoming further immersed in what the students are stating in their testimonials. Therefore making it an even more appealing proposition to get involved in and be inspired by.

I experimented using motion graphics on the social ads to enhance viewer engagement. Enabling context to be established quicker with the user, even on mute, and strengthen the cutting-edge and prestigious feel to the programs and organisation as a whole.



“Kenny has been an absolute pleasure to work with each and every single time! He has always been punctual and super efficient with any of the creative projects we’ve worked on. We started working with Kenny years and years ago and it has been an absolute pleasure to watch him grow his skills, we have always been impressed with him since day one! Would always recommend Kenny to anyone who is looking for any videography work!”

Steve Dudgeon, Owner

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2 responses to “Australian Dental Graduates: Social Media Advertising & Video Testimonials”

  1. Incredible work mate! This case study shows your professionalism, commitment and passion for telling good stories.


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