Groundskeeper Willie: Brand Video & Social Media Advertisements


Create a video that encapsulates the Groundskeeper Willie brand, what the business offers, people involved and highlight where they are located on the Sunshine Coast. To be distributed on their website and social media.


I decided to propose a range of video assets for the Groundskeeper Willie brand that could be used to generate foot traffic, awareness, online shop purchases and enhanced web traffic for the business.

  • A short, light and fun brand video that highlights the Willie brand touch points
  • 3 x short social media adverts highlighting the other services on offer with Groundskeeper Willie outside of the conventional cafe operations



“We had such a great experience filming a variety of content with Kenny. The quality of video we received well surpassed our expectations and it was such a fun process! We not only saw great engagement but direct sales as a result. Highly recommend for anyone looking for business growth.”

Will Kemp, Owner

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