How Social Enterprises Can Utilise Video

Customer Overview & Goals

The Kayin Project is a health and wellbeing social enterprise, ran by Mick and Karinda, whose purpose is to “breed a balanced and healthy lifestyle” by integrating Indigenous Culture with modern day traditions. Their approach is holistically based on their Kayin Compass model; covering all components of Spiritual, Cultural, Mental and Physical health. Through their services they allow individuals the space to discover self-identity and connection within the realm of their own compass.

Having moved up to the Sunshine Coast from New South Wales at the end of 2019, The Kayin Project’s goal was to make a considerable marketing effort for their start-up social enterprise. Which up until moving had relied mostly on word-of-mouth referrals. Their target audience for their services vary from family units, progressive primary and high-school teachers or principals as well as human resources staff at corporate organisations.

The Brief

Summarise the Kayin Project to generate awareness for their start up social enterprise and have a tool build rapport with potential customers.

The concept

We wanted to craft two videos for The Kayin Project. One personal brand video that highlighted the people involved, plus the goals and values of the business, appealing to the family target audience. Then the other would be utilised as a presentation video for leads to gain a better understanding of how their services can be utilised in their organisation, whether that be a school classroom or workplace environment.


Brand Overview Video
The Kayin Project Presentation Video

Start Creating Today

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