Grab Life By The Balls: Fundraising Video


An emotionally moving and inspiring testimonial video from select patrons that have been positively impacted by the “Mateship Movement” that is Grab Life By The Balls.  

Highlighting the results of its existence at a grass root level across Australia and how the movement has affected these individual’s lives.

The video aims to help aid the organisations ability to apply for appropriate grants and funding in the future.


In the videos we have done previously for Grab Life By The Balls, a lot of the focus had been on Sam Parker the founder. However in this video, I wanted to highlight the broader impact the charity has in the local community.

I made sure to have a varied age range of people who had been affected by the movement personally showcased, to ensure that the charity appeals to the broader audience it is looking to attract in the future as it grows nationwide.

Having a professional’s outlook on the charity’s effectiveness was crucial and aimed to diminish doubts about Grab Life By The Balls capability to make real change in the mental health space locally and nationwide.

Having archive footage of the previous grassroots events highlighted the community aspect of Grab Life By The Balls, a value differing from other options for “blokes” who are looking to improve their all-round wellbeing.

I also experimented using no script written prior to filming with each subject to ensure I got the most authentic responses. This proved challenging when forming a narrative but was worth it when it came to the final product.



“Kenny is great bloke and easy to deal with. We’ve done a lot of work with Kenny over the years. He really understands our brand, that understanding allows Kenny’s work to tell our story better than we do. The videos he has produced for us are of the highest quality. Kenny’s workmanship allows our brand to really be seen as it is which helps us grow and expand. The professional quality helps position us and our work as we are: laid back, purposeful, cheeky and heartfelt. We will continue working with Kenny, if we could we’d offer him a full time role we would!”

Sam Parker, Founder

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