Dustin Slypen LINK Business Broker x This & That Media – Case Study

The Problem At Hand

For this project, Dustin wanted to use our social media strategy services to generate leads and brand awareness for his expertise as one of QLD’s leading business brokers on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Business broking wasn’t familiar to us and after some initial research, we found they’re not many quality examples of business brokers on social media. The closest industry example is that of a realestate agency.

Not having an example to draw inspiration from meant we had a clean canvas and could be creative with how we showcase Dustin and his profession.

Our Creative Strategy

Our strategy was simple, we wanted to create content that would fit into a standard consumer funnel. Broken up into three phases – awareness, consideration and conversion. We also wanted to build a solid foundation for Dustin’s social media including a re-branding plus a library of timeless content. Which he could use with or without our assistance down the track. Until his twin boys make his hair go grey!


The main part of the jigsaw puzzle was the awareness phase content we had to craft. If it wasn’t engaging and memorable, no one would see the rest of the content we produced anyway. So our creative director decided that a short and sharp promotional style video would be most effective in capturing eyeballs and generating awareness of Dustin’s brand. With 80% of videos on Facebook being watched on mute, we had to get creative when developing the promo. So in the first five seconds of the video we managed to insert visual cues touching on three main trigger points for people wanting to sell, and the LINK Business brand.

Dustin Promo – Awareness Phase

Consideration Phase

We wanted to highlight Dustin’s personable traits that are an attribute to his success as a business broker. This phase is all about establishing trust within your community and is crucial to tailor it to your desired target audience’s interests. With strong family and work ethic morals, we wanted to think of a creative way to broadcast that to his followers without coming off as “a bit wanky”. We collaborated with Vosvas’s Photographer, Gaston Trussi, to capture authentic pictures of Dustin and his family, as well as some really great portraits in various outfits that were versatile to be used creatively with inspiring quotes and testimonials.

Conversion Phase

The conversion phase is where a consumer chooses to opt-in to a low-risk commitment i.e mailing list or template download. For this, we decided to use Dustin’s extensive knowledge and craft together some sharp and high-value FAQ videos. Which could be used all together or stand alone. Our aim with this content was to showcase Dustin as a thought-leader providing value-driven content to his followers and therefore diminish doubt in potential leads minds. Opting-in to his mailing list to establish a more intimate on-going relationship.


Shot over one glorious day in Brisbane CBD and Manly Marina area, we were able to capture all the pieces of content necessary to implement our creative strategy ready for distribution.

Distribution Strategy

With COVID-19 impacting the Fitness and Wellness industry massively, it could have been quite easy for Dustin to get cold feet and have us shift to another industry. However, his true entrepreneurial mindset saw it as an opportunity to capture a lot of attention with lockdown measures in place and not a hinderance.



Our organic distribution strategy on Facebook was to roll out the promotional video on a weekend to get it circulating through Dustin’s existing audience and utilise them expand the reach the video had.

For the consideration content, our plan was to utilise the first part of the week (Mon-Wed) in reference to Dustin’s target audience having “Moday-itis” and needing a pick- up come Tuesday. Posting the consideration content we had put together as well as one of our FAQ videos.

Consideration Phase Content

With the LinkedIn platform demographic being B2B communication, our plan was to post Dustin’s content organically early morning and lunchtime when most people would be checking their mobile during the day.

With no paid advertising available for personal LinkedIn accounts, our aim was to not only post but engage with as much in Dustin’s news feed building new connections with those involved in the fitness industry.

Paid Advertising

When it came to paid advertising, our first priority was to generate awareness of Dustin’s brand. Using a shorter version of the promo video aimed at those involved in the Fitness & Wellness Industry in QLD as well as Sydney and Melbourne areas.

Following up with the awareness campaign, we decided to execute an engagement a/b test campaign for Page likes with Dustin’s consideration content including a quote image and a testimonial from a previous client.




The promo released organically resulted in 1,284 reach and 245 engagements including 9 shares through his network of existing followers. Which correlated with a distribution score of +3.3x in comparison to historical pieces of content Dustin had uploaded.

Although the response wasn’t as overwhelming as that for the consideration content, there was still decent engagement. In that case it was a matter of patience and consistency that would ensure a positive result from this content. Staying top of mind in the community.


The content had an immense response on LinkedIn. Over the 3-month campaign, with Dustin’s following on LinkedIn increasing +230 to 2147 followers. Collectively every piece of creative we produced notched 9,636 organic views/impressions. A very satisfying result from a platform we weren’t accustomed to and Dustin was pleased with.


Our awareness campaign resulted in a great response with 46,092 impressions, as well as 33,888 in reach and an estimated ad recall result of 1,310 correlating to a 3.87% ad recall lift rate. An impressive result with minimal ad spend.

The page likes campaign achieved 20 likes over a 4-day period which didn’t surprise us with such a short period of time. It did inform us though that the content we created was capable in gaining likes which Dustin will revisit when the COVID-19 lockdown measures are lifted.


I have no hesitation in recommending This and That Media Co. to anyone looking for a competitive edge in their business marketing or even just individuals looking to improve their online image.”

Dustin Slypen, Testimonial

Final Word

This was our first social media strategy campaign, managing and advertising on social media as well as creating content in line with our clients goals. We learnt a great deal.

It was a great experience in a new industry. Helping Dustin be the catalyst for more brokers utilising social media!

We were able to refine our skills in content creation as well as our platform management and advertising capabilities, and are excited to build on this campaign.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Social Media Strategy Services, fill in the form below to book in for a consultation.

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