Groundskeeper Willie x This & That Media – Case Study

The Problem At Hand!

Attie and Will, from Groundskeeper Willie, wanted to use our Content Creation Services to create a light and engaging “Stay At Home Coffee Video Series”. Providing little tips and tricks for those at home using their hand crafted bean blends.

In the lead-up up to the launch of their official training academy, this series had to effectively generate awareness for their brand whilst boosting online sales in the meantime.

Will & Attie, Groundskeeper Willie

Our Creative Strategy

Target Audience

Wanting to tap into the the stay at home target market, the underlying message of the series was to highlight that whilst Cafes might be closed, you can still brew delicious coffee at home!

With the majority of people working from home and choosing to stay inside on weekends, this video series was a real opportunity to capitalise on the long periods of time people would use to watch entertaining and info-loaded content.

Style of Content

We visualised the series having a similar style to that of a Jamie Oliver 15-minute meals episode with a wide angle capturing Will and the barista’s dialogue and organic off-the-cuff banter, with a second tighter angle for overlay. Capturing the key points the pair talk about in buttery smooth slow motion!


We knew people would have a longer time to digest content on their devices, but we didn’t want the videos we produced to drag on, boring the audience and have them not watch til the end. The ideal length we wanted to hit was 3-5 minutes per video. So we advised Attie and Will to jot down some key-points to keep us on track and minimise the waffle!


Shot at Groundkeeper Willie HQ, we managed to capture all of the series in just a few fun-filled hours!

Satisfied with what we had captured from the shoot. We then got stuck into editing it all together and had all the videos ready for Groundskeeper Willie to upload by the end of the following week.



The videos received a fantastic response with loads of organic engagement on social media, as well as people in person mentioning they’d watched the videos. Notching over 700 views on IGTV and Facebook collectively, highlighting how viable the stay at home coffee market is.


A day after the videos were released there was a boost in online sales as well as in-store bean sales. People also came into store buying the equipment required for their stay at home coffee too.

Example of what we created!

Here is the first “Stay At Home Coffee Series” episode where Will and Simon go through the steps to make a great Aeropress!


“We were so thrilled with the result. From high engagement to direct sales the content he produced was outstanding. Highly recommend to anyone looking to grow their business or increase their brand presence.”

Attie, Groundskeeper Willie

Final Word

We were thrilled with the great outcome for Groundskeeper Willie and are excited to build on this first batch of episodes.

Attie and Will’s authentic passion for good coffee is contagious. There was no better way to capture that authenticity other than through video. Evidently, it resonated with the die-hard coffee enthusiast community.

It is clear that video segments like the one we produced are an effective and versatile tool that fit into each part of a common consumer funnel. From generating brand awareness, informing in the consideration phase and diminishing doubt in the conversion phase.

If you are interested in our Content Creation Services, book in for a consultation with Kenny!

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