My Process

“We were blown away by how easy it all came together. It doesn’t have to be this huge mountain you can never accomplish!”

We want creativity to be a simple and low-risk task. This is because creativity is what you need to solve the most complex problems. So for each project we follow a simple five step process.

  • Meet, Understand & Price

    Before we begin any project we want to understand the idea and your business first – coffee on us! A brief identifying the goals you have, the problems you’re facing and budget you’ve got to work with! From there we will put together a proposal detailing what we can help with and the pricing based on the brief you have given us.

  • Develop & Ideate

    Welcome to T&T! Once you’ve been on boarded we spend the crucial and necessary time developing the project and all relevant components.

  • Produce & Create

    Now we have all our ducks in a row, we have fun knocking off each component creatively. Whether thats on a shoot at your business location or in the edit suite late at night.

  • Refine & Publish

    Our customers have the final say on all of our work, and feedback helps us refine what we have made. Once the refinements have been made and the project has been realised, we release it into the world, confident it will make a positive impact!

  • Review & Plan

    After a cooling period we touch base to review the performance of how the project went and evaluate the results it garnered. Detailing improvements to be made and planning for the next project.